Back in the States, but the adventures continue ...

Now that I am back in the States, I am starting to miss Japan terribly. It has been less than a month since my return and am still adjusting to the reverse culture shock of the United States. You wouldn't expect it to happen, but after spending four months on the other side of the Pacific with bicycles whizzing by and not seeing a green plot of land... well, the transition will hit you full in the face.

That being said, I still wish to record my adventures from Japan in this blog. So a little at a time, we'll take an adventure through some parts of Japan from Kanazawa, to Hiroshima, to Koya-San, Miyajima, and Tokyo. I wish that I had the chance to visit more places, but who knows when I'll get another chance to explore that part of the world again!

What adventures lie ahead of us!
My apologies for continuing to tease you!


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